Lavos,destroyer of worlds.

Lavos is the strongest thing on earth.He is the destroyer of worlds and has the power of a god.Chrono and Leaf fight with this God like creature in the manga titled Chrono And Leaf VS Lavos they are beaten and lavos blows up earth and the

Reverse World.Later,Lavos is killed and his body forever remains in the Pit of the reverse world.Where the real final

battle took place.He makes a cameo as a cave drawing in the Rainbow Cave.


Dark Beam:Lavos fires a beam from his mouth evaparating the victims soul,on occasion they live.

Demon Revival:Lavos calls demons or so from the grave as Zombies to battle victims.

Destruction Rain:100000 lava like energy beams fly into space than rain down on earth,One touch can kill you!

Fire 3:Lavos shoots fire from his quil like spikes and they can burn the victim.

Ice 3:Lavos shoots Ice from his mouth freezing victims in north pole like ice.

Thunder 3:Lavos uses a mini-destruction rain and the clouds fuse with it raining thunder bolts down.

Copy ability:Lavos can turn into a hard enemy/boss fought by the victim and battles them.His appearance doesn't change however.

Tidal Wave: Lavos Sends energy bullets in the sky and water from clouds crash down and fuse trapping the victim in water drowning them.


Chrono stabbed his heart killing him but,he may be alive,because chrono saw a small meteor fly out of his body before fully killing him.

this could be a egg or a peice of his core,maybe a Pod.

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