Steel shade 1

Steel shade about to kill chrono.

Steel Shade is a boss that appears in the Reverse World Pit.

Steel Shade resembles Chrono in many ways, almost like a dark version of him.

His kai is ridiculously higher than Chronos,with his power level at a whopping,

35,350,000.He Uses Dark versions of Chrono's attacks.Such as,

Shadow Wave.Or,Demon Wave.He offers to give Chrono,50% of his kai

in Exchange for his Soul.Chrono dissagree's and they fight.Chrono is out matched fast but

Chrono uses a new move of his,Elemental Finish,And steel shade is beaten.He tricks Chrono

nearly killing him but Magus appears ripping his soul out before it was too late.He turns into shadows

and reapears later.


1.In the manga he asks for his mind instead of his soul.

2.He was trained by Lord Magus,Magus's dark side.His power level is 55,000,000.

3.He looks exactly like chrono and uses his powers and so,but he is not related to him in anyway.

(family,genetic clone.etc.)

4.Steel Shade is in his 54% form.He isn't a full shadow so he doesn't get healed by shadow attacks.

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